Hello, my name is Joe Morgan.

I have been developing BAM for about 35 years now ever since I picked up a crayon that I found up my sister’s nose and drew my very first picture. Even then, despite being proud of my ability to approximate a circle and my evident belief that this is what every human head actually looked like, I was still dismayed at the time it took to create. Plus, I was shocked to find that there was no easy way to take my masterpiece and speedily send it to my imaginary friend who lived in the US or even print it on a t-shirt so that the world could see my brilliance.

My parents did stick it to the fridge, but from the look in their eyes they also didn’t have a lot of faith in my artistic inclinations and were merely pandering to a supposed parental obligation to “support” their child.

Anyway, due to this I made BAM. The quick and easy method for you, your family and friends to share your creativity. I fully expect it to change your lives, as it has mine and if it doesn’t then perhaps you need swelp.